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GPT Planet Review – Complete Guide

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GPT Planet is another PTC site. It is also known as the sister site of Scarlet Click. Making money online is not an easy task to do.

It requires a lot of hard work and patience. But if you are looking for easy money then GPT Planet may work for you.

One of the easiest works on the internet to do is work on PTC sites. You will get paid by viewing an advertisement but the pay rates are very low.

GPT planet can become the best choice. If you can able to work along with some other sites.

You can earn money from GPT Planet if you are trying to invest in renting referrals.

The harsh truth of working on any PTC site is there are a bunch of scam sites available on the internet.

This is the main problem of joining any PTC site. There are only a few sites that are legit and paying to their members.

But it will not generate a passive income. You have to build something that can generate a regular monthly income.

The pay rates of all PTC sites are very low. Suppose you want to earn only by clicking and viewing advertisements.

It will almost take you 1 year to reach your payment threshold. Most of the sites have $2 as their payment threshold.

It’s not possible for you to work on any PTC sites unless you are referring someone or have a rented referral.

I have worked for more than 1 year on PTC sites. But, believe me, there are many scam sites that are unable to pay their members.

Some sites may pay you for 2 to 3 months but after that, they will go and the site becomes closed. This is the truth of working with any PTC site.

But I am not saying that all are scams. There are few who are legit and working more than 10 years in this industry.

GPT planet

Still, if you go with the legit one it will take lots of time to generate some revenue. It requires investment if you want to get good revenue.

GPT planet is the one where you can get experience.

What is GPT Planet?

GPT planet is a paid-to-click site. You will earn money by watching advertisements for 5 seconds.

How do get Register in GPT Planet?

This is very easy you need to click on Sign Up. Then the registration form will open up. Complete all the necessary details like name, email, etc.

GPT planet registration

Once the registration is complete you will get an email confirmation. Confirm your email and your account will become active.

Different ways to Earn Money from GPT Planet?

  • View Ads

This is the basic form of earning money. Watch ads and earn cash. But you have to go with renting referrals if you want to increase your earnings.

GPT planet fixed advertisement

  • GPT Grid

Try your luck and you will have 10 to 20 chances to win some prizes. It may be cash or in points.

  • Wannads

You will get some offers to complete. If you do well you may get extra cash to increase your daily income.

GPT planet wannads

  • Skippy Ads

Here, also you will get ads to click and earn. But again, the pay rate is very low compared to the fixed advertisement.

  • Offers4All

Here, you will get some online surveys to complete. If you can able to complete it you will get some money for completing the surveys. But, you will not get many surveys at a time.

Below are some Advantages and Disadvantages of GPT Planet

  • Advantages

There are some advantages to working on these kinds of a site. It does not need any fees to join this is completely free to join.

There is no test needed while joining the site. You can do your work from anywhere around the world. You only need a laptop or desktop with an internet connection.

The task is very easy to complete you need to click on an advertisement.

You have to wait for the timer once it becomes completed you will get credited. So, this is very simple to do even a small kid can do this kind of work.

This is the reason the pay rates are very less. It may vary from $0.001 to $0.01 depending on the sites on which you are working on it.

There is no extra skill needed for doing this work. The payment threshold is $2 for many sites. After the first withdrawal, it becomes $5.

Apart from viewing advertisements, there are also some other ways to make money. Completing some offers may help you to earn some money.

Some old PTC sites may provide PTSU (Paid to Sign Up) this process may increase your earnings.

But this work is only available for 2 or 3 sites. So, make sure you join those sites to increase your earnings.

You can also earn through traffic exchange. You need to provide some links if you get a good and quality visitor you may earn some $$. “But after completing this entire step still you will struggle to make passive income”.

  • Disadvantages

There are many disadvantages to working on this site. The pay rates of GPT Planet are very low. It takes a year to reach the payment threshold.

There are many scam sites available you can check “FOXYRATING”. There are many sites that come and go within three months.

Even I have seen some sites that pay their members for 1 year or more than that but afterward, it’s gone. They scam every member after taking a big money as a deposit.

Lack of trusted and legit sites, and only a few old sites pay their members.

Get more discussion in the Forum

GPT Planet has an active forum. You can clear your doubts by asking other members.

GPT planet forum

Support Section

GPT planet has a very good support system. Admin is very trusted and reply your message within 24 to 48 hrs.

GPT planet support

Different Cash-Out Options

Once you have reached your payment threshold. GPT Planet has many options like Skrill, Payeer, Airtm, and Payoneer. You can withdraw your cash by using any one of them.

GPT planet payment proof

Trusted Sites

It’s not like all are scam sites. There are few sites that are legit and still paying their members.

GPT Planet is one of the old and legit sites that are still paying their members. But you have to make a strategy on how to generate good money from this site.

In any PTC site, there is the best way to generate good income is by referring other people.

Whether it is a direct referral or a rented referral. A direct referral is someone who joins under your link.

If they become active on the site then you may earn some commission. But is difficult that how many days this referral may be active under your link.

I have personal experience with this referral system. I have also joined some of the old sites that have referred someone to me.

But I have been active only for 2 months. Viewing only advertisements makes it very boring.

The main point is pay scale is very low which makes me demotivated from working on the site.

Another part, a rented referral means that you will hire someone for 30 days. They will work for 30 days to generate some income for you.

But this needs an investment you have to pay $0.75 to $1 to rent 5 referral who works for you.

If they become inactive for 3 to 4 days then you will face loss. You have to recycle it again. It needs an investment of $0.07 per referral who is inactive.

Scam Sites

Beware of joining any scam sites. There are plenty of scam sites available on the internet. 

Don’t try to invest anything when you have joined any sites. One trick in PTC sites that you may see is that even after investing still you will not earn money as expected. 

But the owners of the site are earning money. This is a completely one-sided game and you will become a loser on the other side.


Is GPT Planet legit?

Yes, it is legit and they are paying to their members. It is much trusted then any other PTC sites.

Will GPT Planet replace the 9 to 5 jobs?

No, it will not even it cannot generate a good pocket money. But if you go with renting referral then it may work. But, before that, you have to invest. It will not replace your full-time job.

Final Thoughts

Learning skills is the best way to generate passive income. But if you want to invest in something then try to invest in yourself.

There are many skills you may learn that can generate a passive income.

Some of the skills are App Developer, SEO, Content Creator, Video Editing, and Coding.

These are the money-making skills that may boost your career growth. Don’t even try to think that there is an easy way to make money.

A stable career always needs investment and the right direction.





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