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How To Earn Money From Neobux – Complete Guide

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Neobux is the site where you can earn easy and quick money. Neobux has known as a paid-to-click site. 

If you are looking for easy money without giving any effort. Then this is the site you should work on it. 

Neobux has introduced in the year 2008 and it is also known as the King of PTC sites. 

There are many ways to earn money. Like, View advertisements, Surveys, Games, and Referring People.

In the beginning, you cannot earn more money. But if you follow some strategy then you can earn good money without working for long hours. 

Paid-to-click sites are the only place where you do not have to work for long hours. 

If you follow some steps then you only need to give 10 minutes a day. I don’t think it’s a big deal to give only 10 minutes every day.

Neobux is the oldest PTC site and it is still paying its members. They give an instant payment once you meet their payment threshold. 

I would say, Neobux is the best platform for the newbie. Because there are many scam PTC sites where you won’t able to withdraw your money.

Neobux is the oldest and most trusted PTC site on the internet. This can be your side hustle without interrupting your present work. 

I would suggest this site to beginners and those who don’t have any skills. Working on a trusted and legit site always motivates you. 


There are many PTC sites that come and go in a few months. Always try to find old and trusted sites.

I am going to describe the best strategy and how you are going to work on this site!

Neobux has divided into some categories to earn money which has shown below:

Best way to earn money from Neobux?

  • View Advertisement

You will get an advertisement on a daily basis. But make sure to check your server time. You will get around 8 to 10 advertisements. 

Once you click on it wait for the timer it will take only 5 seconds to complete. And, you will get $0.001 for one ad view. 

neobux advertisement

Sometimes, if you get standard advertisements then you will get $0.005 for one ad view. So, it depends on the ads.

But, earning this much money is very little. It will take 4 to 6 months to reach $2 or $3 dollars. 

I will give you the best strategy to increase your earnings. Also, you will get 4 ad prizes for one ad view. This will help you to get some extra rewards.

  • Surveys

This is also the best way to earn money from this site. You will get many surveys. So, you can choose anyone and work. 

You should also think about the time and payment. Try to do those surveys which take less time to finish but pay rates are very good.

neobux surveys

The pay rates will completely depend on the surveys. But there are many surveys available on a daily basis. So, you should check on a daily basis.

  • Games

You will earn money by playing games. The payment will be around $0.001 if you played for 2 minutes. 

If you finish or leave the games before 2 minutes then they will not credit to your account. So, keep this in your mind and then try to play it.

You will also get 100 game sessions per day. You can play more but this will not credit to your account. 

Don’t play it more than as mentioned in the rules. If you have played the games either by winning or losing to get credited or should have scored higher than zero.

neobux games

The rewards will get credited to your account. So, if you want to play and earn then you can go for it. But this is wasting of time. 

The reward is very less and you should not play this kind of game to earn money. But there are many people who are playing and earning.

There are more good options you can go with the surveys. This will give some kind of good rewards. 

Because some short surveys give more than $1 and this will take around 8 to 10 minutes. So, this is going to be a good option compared with games.

  • Coins

You can also earn coins by completing surveys and many offers. All your earned coins will credit after 60 days of an offer once it have confirm. 

So, this can also be a good way to earn money. 

But you have to wait for 60 days. There are many offers and other ways to earn coins. So you can give it a try once and wait for the result.

  • Upgrade your membership

When you join sites you will be on Standard Membership and the pay rate is very low for this membership. 

If you want to earn more money you need to upgrade your membership. You can for the Golden Membership. It will cost around $90 for one year.

neobux upgrade membership

And, the click rates will be like, for fixed advertisement, it is $0.01. For standard exposure, it is $0.01 and for extended exposure, it is $0.02. 

These are the pay rates of your click-on ads if you upgrade to Golden Membership.

If you want to add some higher pack to your Golden Membership.

Then below is the screenshot of their price rate:


Now, this is the most important part of your earnings. And, this is the only way you may earn a good amount of money from this site. Referring to people plays a key role to earn the best way to earn huge money. 

But to follow this method need patience and some good strategy.

There is two way of referral:

  • Direct Referral

A Direct referral is someone who has joined under your link and if they are active on the site. 

If they continue to click 4 fixed orange ads then you will get the commission. But the commission is very low for Standard Members. 

If you have 100 active referrals then you may get $0.20 per day. 

It may increase if you have a Golden Membership plan then you may get $2 per day if you have 100 active direct referrals.

So, you may calculate your earnings:

Standard Member = $0.0005×4

= $0.002×100

= $0.20 per day

Golden Member = $0.005×4

= $0.02×100

= $2 per day

So, the more active referral you have more earnings.

  • Rented Referral

This referral plays an important role in your huge earnings. You need to rent a referral for 30 days. It may cost around $0.60 for 3 referrals and $20 for 100 referrals. 

neobux renting referral

This means that you are going to hire someone to click ads and you will get a commission for 30 days. You may extend this referral if they perform well.

It may happen that some referrals may not click ads. Now you need to make a strategy on how this thing going to work for you. Suppose, if some referrals do not click for 3 days. 

Then you can replace that inactive referral and hire the fresh one. So, you have to make a calculation of your investment and how much you will get in return. Replacing the old one may cost you around $0.07.

Take an example if all your rented referral is active and how much you are going to earn per day!

Standard Member = $0.005×4

= $0.02×100

= $2

Golden Member = $0.01×4

= $0.04×100

= $4

If you have 500 active referrals then your earnings may be around!

Standard Member = $0.005×4

= $0.02×500

= $10 per day

Golden Member = $0.01×4

= $0.04×500

= $20 per day

Above is the calculation of the earnings of your referrals. If they perform well then it will give a good amount of money.

What you must know about Neobux Bots

Many people claim that their renting referral is a bot. There is no real person who clicks on ads

So, who knows whether neobux referral is a bot or not? But still there are many peeple who have earned and still earning from renting referral. 

So, not sure whether Neobux has a bot referral who used to click ads.

Why are people saying there is a hacks in Neobux?

Neobux hacks are nothing but if some people trying to steal your credential and data. So beware of this thing that may steal your hard money.

Neobux Review

I have given some time to these sites. The site is legit and the oldest PTC site. But how much you can make depends on you.

neobux review

It has a good review so far. But there are some people who have complained that their rented referral is a bot.

But the site has been denying and it is all real people. As far as the site has concerned it is legit and paying. So, make your own plan.


How much you can earn by doing a survey on Neobux

The Neobux survey is not so popular. It is more known as a paid-to-click site.

The amount you earn depends on factors like the length of the survey and how many surveys you complete. Some surveys may pay more than others.

Are Neobux Scams

No, neobux is not a scam site. It always pays you on time.

But you need to verify and try to do some research unless you are trying to invest anywhere.

Is Neobux still paying

Yes, it is still paying and they pay to all their members. But the amount will be very less. You need to work hard and should not rely only this site.

How much can I earn from Neobux?

It depends on your work and strategy. If you have planned very well and you work with that around. Then you can earn good bucks from the site.

Is Neobux legal

Yes, it is legal and many people from all around the world earn from these sites.

How can I earn money from Neobux?

There are many ways to earn. I have listed some of their categories on how you are going to work and make money.

Neobux is genuine or fake

No doubt, it is the genuine and oldest PTC site since 2008.


Neobux is the number 1 PTC site around the world. You can join and work but you cannot rely only on viewing ads.

This will not be worth it and you are not going to make money. But if you have a proper plan for working with some referral strategy then this will work for you.

Active referrals may earn decent money for you. It is also the main part of the sites to make good bucks.

Working only on ads and surveys will not generate more money. So, try to do some innovative things that work for you.






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