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Complete Guide On PTC Sites – You Should Join Or Not

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PTC sites are one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. Watching ads on the internet is an effortless job to do.

Most people think that they can make money only by clicking ads on different websites. And the answer is ‘Yes you can make money on PTC sites.

But all the PTC sites’ payment rate is a penny. You will be getting paid around $0.001 per click for Standard Users.

Let’s get into the details about their functions and how it works.

What do you mean by PTC sites?

It acts as a middleman between consumers and advertisers. An advertiser who wanted to display their ads on these sites. And, the viewers who earn money by viewing or clicking an ad.

Structure of PTC Sites

PTC sites have many structures. You can see the details below:

  • Advertisement
  • Upgrade
  • PTC Grid
  • Referral
  • PTSU

What are Advertisements and their Categories?

This is the main part of every PTC site. All the ads have shown here and you need to click all the ads. If you want to earn money the payment for each ad will be $0.001 depending on the membership plan.

Now it also has divided into some parts which are as follows:

  • Fixed Advertisement
  • Standard or Premium Advertisement
  • Bonus Ads
  • Tiny Ads
  • Fixed Advertisement

In this advertisement, there will be some fixed ads. That you will see on a daily basis you have to click on those ads and wait for the timer to complete. Once the timer ends the amount will credit to your main balance and the pay rate is $0.001 for each click.

ptc sites fixed advertisement

  • Standard or Premium Advertisement

In this section, the ads will only show to you. If you have upgraded to the other membership plan like, Platinum, Diamond, Gold, etc.

But the pay rates will be a little bit higher than the fixed advertisement it will go from $0.01 to $0.10 per view.

  • Bonus Ad

This is another part of the ad shown on the sites. Where you have to wait for some time to get credited into the main balance.

ptc sites bonus ads

This is annoying because after clicking the ad. You have to click or wait for many pages to land on the destination page.

  • Tiny Ad

A tiny ad is an ad where the pay rate is very low at $0.0002. It also has a very less number of ads shown on the sites. You won’t expect many ads to show in this category.

ptc sites tiny ads

Upgrading your Membership

To earn more money, you have to upgrade your membership. As for standard members, you will not be able to earn more money even if you can’t able to make $2 to $3 every month.

You can upgrade your membership plan to Monthly or Yearly. You can also choose Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. But you have to invest some amount to gain this membership.

The cost would be from $5 to $700 depending on which membership plan you are going to buy.

The pay rates of all the ads will increase once you have upgraded your membership.

What is PTC Grid

This category works as you have to view ads from 1 to 20 times. And, for each one-time view, there will be a reward which may be from $0.01 to $1. 

ptc sites and grid


This is the most vital and important part of every PTC site. Here you can able to make money by joining these PTC sites. But you have to wait for a long time as this requires investment and patience.

It also has two sections of referral:

  • Rented Referral
  • Direct Referral
  • Rented Referral

Renting Referrals is the main source of income in all the PTC sites. It generally works as hiring someone which costs around $0.75 for 5 referrals. And, some sites have $1 for 5 referrals for 30 days.

So the cost of 1 referral would be $0.15 and there will be a discount if you rent more referrals.

You can see the below stats of rented referrals:

5*$0.15 = $0.75

1*$0.006*30=$0.18 per referral (profit would be $0.03 per referral)

5*$0.006*30=$0.90 for 5 referrals (So the profit would be around $0.15 from your 5 referrals)

Above are the stats of your profit from rented referrals. So, if you have more referrals the earnings will be high. But it completely depends on your active rented referral.

If they become inactive then there will be a loss on your renting referral investment.

  • Direct Referral

This referral works as your permanent referral who has signed up from your referral link. 

But it doesn’t give you much profit as it completely depends on how many days they will work under your link. The commission rate is also much less compared to the renting referral.

But, if you have any direct referrals then it may work and it also gives you a good profit.

PTSU (Paid to Sign Up)

It is also a good way of earning from most of the PTC sites. You will get paid around $0.05 to $1 for signing up for the different websites.

There will be an instruction on how to sign up and work. However, the time for rating the task is not shown on the site. 

So, it completely depends on the assignee. When they will be going to rate the task the payment will be credited to your account.

How you can recognize the Best PTC Sites?

There is nothing like the best PTC sites. Neobux and Scarlet Click are the oldest PTC. You can work there as they are legit.

But still, the question is how much you are going earn per month. They pay in penny, you won’t even make extra pocket money in a month.

PTC Sites reviews

I have come across many PTC sites. But none of them proved their legitimacy. Most of the sites disappear after 3 or 4 months.

And, it’s hard to believe to work on such sites. Even, if some sites pay you it will not cover your full-time income.


Should we rely on PTC sites?

No, you should not only rely on PTC sites. You have to look for other work that pays good money.

Can we make good money on PTC sites?

Watching ads every day can’t even make $20 per month. So, the decision is up to you.

My thoughts

I have spent more than 1 year on PTC sites. But unfortunately not able to make more money. Most of the sites become disappear after 3 or 2 months and many of the sites Scam their members.

Their rented referral policy sometimes becomes inactive for 2 or 3 days. Which will give a loss on an investment.

Besides this nothing is more attractive in all the PTC sites. As their pay rates are very low and not able to generate more money.

Only a few PTC sites are genuine. And, still paying their members which are Neobux and Scarlet-Click.

Both these sites have been running their business for more than 10 years and are still present on the Internet.

So, if you want to make money on PTC sites. Then you have to be patient and have a good calculation on the rented referral policy.

Investing and working that’s the key to success on PTC sites and I don’t think this will generate a passive income.

But, if you want to start your online journey. Then I will recommend you to join Scarlet-Click. This site doesn’t need any extra skills to work on its platform.





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