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Rapidworkers Best Micro Job Sites To Earn Money

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Rapidworkers is another best platform to work online. You need a laptop or desktop with an internet connection.

Rapidworkers gives us an opportunity to work on our own time.

There is no time restriction. You can start anytime from anywhere. Rapidworkers is the best option for beginners.

Who wants to start their online journey without any investment?

The best part of Rapidworkers is you don’t need to give any assessment test.

It is a completely free platform to join and doesn’t need any tests.

People can work full-time and part-time as well. But I prefer you should work as a part-timer.

This website can generate good pocket money. You are not going to make huge money but this is good for the part-time.

The task is very easy to do and doesn’t need any extra skill.

You can find many other websites like Rapidworker. But the combination of 2 or 3 websites can generate good money.

So, you can go and join this site and start making money.


I will describe all the categories of this website and how you are going to work on it!

What are Rapidworkers?

Rapidworkers is a micro job site. Here, you will get paid for doing some online tasks.

How do Rapidworkers work?

Rapidworkers work like an employer to employee. It is a platform where people post micro tasks called employer.

And, the person who completes the task called an employee. If you complete the task as per the guidelines then you will get paid.

How to Sign Up in Rapidworkers?

Well, signing up in rapidworkers is completely easy to do. You need to open the sites and then click on create an account.

Fill up all the information like name, email, etc. You will get an email confirmation. Confirm your email and you are ready to go.

What are Available Jobs

Here you can see the list of the jobs which are available to work on it. You can choose any task as per your concern.

Do not work on a task that is outside of your country. You can only do the task of International and your specified country of belonging.

Rapidworkers - Available Job

There is a list of the task available to work on if you are from a tier 1 country. Then you can make good money because the pay rates are very high.

But if you are from Nepal, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. Then you are not going to make good money but best for part-time.

You will get many YouTube tasks that include viewing, subscribing, like, and commenting.

The Task that I have Done?

You can check out the task which you have completed. And, whether it’s approved or not because this work completely depends on the employer.

If they rated your task satisfied then you will get instant payment. Otherwise, it will take 7 days time to rate your task.

Rapidworkers - Task Finished

If they fail to rate your task within 6 days then it will get satisfied. So, try to work as per the employer’s guidelines.

My Campaign

In this section, you can run your own campaign. So, you can become an employer and an employee at the same time.

You need to click on NEW CAMPAIGN on the page will appear like below:

You can fill out all the details. You can choose your targeting countries, Title, Categories, and Proof. 

Rapidworkers - My Campaign

You can also highlight your campaign by selecting the listed color. It will cost you $0.30 but it will highlight your task so anyone can recognize and get your task’s attention.

You can also mark your task as Featured Task and it will cost you around $0.50. But, it will appear on the main page.

Task Category

There are some other sections of the task you can choose from below:

  • Youtube

This is one of the easiest tasks and it is available every day. You will find many YouTube tasks and the pay rates would be from $0.03 to $0.15. 


In this task, you need to watch a video, give a like, subscribe, or comment on a video.

  • Visit Website

An employer will ask you to visit their website and stay for a few minutes. You will get paid for doing this much work. The pay rates are from $0.03 to 0.10.

  • Social Media Task

Social media task is one the best and easy tasks. You don’t need to spend more time doing this task. 

The task may involve, Reddit Upvote, Twitter Follow, Instagram Likes, and many more.

This is the only task that you can complete within 10 sec if you have a good hands-on keyboard.

  • Simple and Complex Sign up

This is also a high-paying task. It generally starts from $0.10 if you are doing a simple sign-up. 

For Complex signs up the pay, rates are high but it will take more time to complete them. The task is only for filling in your details on any mentioned websites. It may be an email or your complete details.

Sometimes it also asks for the KYC which is a complex sign-up process.

  • App Installation

This is a very high-paying task. You need to install the app and give a review. It may be Android or iOS and the pay rates would be from $0.30 to $1. Depends on the country-specific.

Rapidworkers - App Installation

Pay Rates of Rapidworkers

You can navigate your task by selecting the pay rates. It starts from $0.03 – $10 so, the low-paying task will be like Watching Videos, Social Media tasks. And, the high-paying task is generally App Installation, Complex Sign up.

I have listed some basic points below. You may ask some questions while working on any microtask sites!

What is a short task?

It is a small task or temporary work which you will get paid for by completing it.

There are many freelancing or micro-jobs sites available on the internet. Where you can do a short task and earn money.

This is best for part-time work. When you have free time you can use this time to earn some extra money. 

You can do it with your full-time work because it doesn’t have any fixed working hours.

Do the simple tasks and earn money

There are many micro jobs sites available on the internet. You can choose any task and earn money. 

The sites like Rapidworker, Picoworker, Clickworker, Mturk, and Microworker. These are the websites where you can do short tasks and make money

You will get paid once you have completed the payment threshold.

I would suggest you can work with any 2 or 3 websites at a time. This will give you some good money. 

But, it will not generate a passive income. I guess you can make around $150 to $200 per month. If you are working on more than 1 website.

How much you can earn from Rapidworkers?

It completely depends on you. And, the time that your spend on the sites. You should work part-time and for pocket money. 

But, if you can able to work with many websites then you can earn some figures.

Rapidworkers Review

Rapidworkers does not have many positive review. I have worked here and earned some cash through PayPal. But yes they are legit and pays to their members.

rapidworkers review

They also do not have a good review on Trustpilot. This website still has the same features and layout. Nothing has changed to date.

This might be another reason for not getting a good or positive review.


Is Rapidworker legit?

Yes, it is legit, and still paying. You can join and start earning from day 1.

But the question is you will get bored by doing that simple task?

Can we earn $500 per month?

No, it’s not possible to earn this much amount.

Even it is hard to earn at least $200 per month. Keep this one as a side hustle with your full-time work.

Final Thoughts

Online work is the best way to earn some money. There are many good ways where anybody can make passive income.

The Internet is the biggest platform for everyone to show their skills. You can establish your online business by selecting the right way.

Making money online gives you the freedom to do anything. You can quit your 9 to 5 job once you have established a good source of income on the internet.

You will be your own boss, with no work pressure, no time restriction, and no waking up early in the morning. You will work on your own time.

Today, there are many ways on the internet to earn money. But you should be on the right track and follow the exact process.

Patience and Consistency is the key to success. This is not only for online work but in many fields.





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