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Scarlet Click - Paid To Click

Scarlet Click Review – Complete Guide

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Scarlet Click is one of the best PTC sites in the world. It has introduced in the year 2009.

Scarlet Click is the most popular and renowned site. If you want to work on this site then you can join at any time.

It doesn’t need any fees to sign up but if you want to earn more then you can make an investment.

Scarlet Click is more famous for its active rent referral scheme. This is the best strategy to make your earnings double.

This site always has many ways to earn money. But the most effective way is renting referrals. If you want to give only 10 minutes a day then this site is definitely for you.

Scarlet Click is also known for its consistency. And, the site has reliability as compared to other PTC sites.

Most of the site begins in a few days but they do scam and close the sites. I have come across many sites that have opened and closed within a few months.

Scarlet Click is reliable and paying its members since 2009. It becomes the top 3 PTC sites in the world.

What is Scarlet Click?

Scarlet Click is a paid-to-click site. You will get paid for watching an ad from 5 seconds to 1 minute.

Well, the payment would be very less. It ranges from $0.001 to $0.05.

Scarlet Click

How you can make money with Scarlet Click?

I am going to explain its strategy and how you are going to make money from this site. So read the full article to gain the benefits from this site!

There are some sections to earn money! So let’s get into the details of each step one by one.

Click and View the Ad

In this section, there is a list of an advertisement. You have to view all the ads to get credit.

Each ad pay rate may range from $0.001 to $0.01. It depends on the availability and your membership.

Scarlet Click

The ads you may see like Fixed Advertisements, Bonus Ads, Tiny ads, and Standard Ads.

Paid to Sign Up (PTSU)

It has known as Paid to Sign Up. You need to complete a certain task which is sign-up offers. And, you will get credit for that completed task.

This is a quick earning task and it will increase some part of earnings.

You have to wait for the employer’s review. Once it’s approved the earnings will show on your balance.

The pay rates range from $0.05 to $0.50. It is also the best way to make money on this site.

Scarlet Click - Paid To Sign Up

This part you will not get in most of the PTC sites. This also makes Scarlet Click a somewhat unique PTC site from others.

Scarlet Click Membership

A standard member doesn’t have much potential to earn more. But if you are earning from Sign up then it makes some difference.

Still, you have to upgrade your membership to make more money.

There are many membership plans you can choose from anyone. You have to choose the best plans where you can rent more referrals.

Scarlet Click - Membership Plan

The direct referral has no limit you can refer as many as you can.


This is the only part where you can double your income. In every PTC site referral is the key to making huge money.

But it needs some kind of patience and investment. But don’t worry you can make an investment this is the most trusted PTC site on the internet.

There are two kinds of referrals Direct and Rent!

  • Direct Referral

A direct referral is someone who signs up under your link. If they become active and click every day you will get 100% commission on their clicks.

You need to promote more and more to get a high number of direct referrals. But this doesn’t give a guarantee that they will act for a longer period of time.

You can also buy direct referrals from this site. If you buy 5 referrals then it cost you around $5.

But this will not give assurance to become an active referral. So think before doing any investment.

  • Rent Referral

This part plays a very crucial role in your earnings. Rent referral means you can hire someone who will click and you will get a commission from their clicks. This feels like something pretty good.

Each referral costs around $0.15 and it will stay for 30 days. Then you have to renew it to keep them active in your bucket.

You can remove any inactive referrals if they are not generating any revenue for you.

So, if you hire 5 referrals then it cost you around $0.75. And, for 100 referrals it will cost $15. So, rent as much as you can.

Scarlet Click - Renting Referral

There is a limitation to renting referrals. It depends on your plans. If you are a Standard member then it has a limitation of 200 referrals.

If you want to rent more then you need to upgrade your membership.

And, don’t try to rent any referral if you are in Standard member.

Because it will not give you profit there is only a 40% commission for renting referrals in this plan.

Renting Referral Strategy

First, upgrade your membership to Monthly Silver then try to rent 200 referrals.

It cost you around $30. If you don’t want to invest then you can do sign-up tasks and keep all the earnings.

Once you reach $15 don’t withdraw your earning rent 100 referral. It will stay for 30 days in your bucket.

The referral who has a 5.8 click average keeps it. And, a referral who is inactive for 3 days recycles it.

The cost of recycling referrals is around $0.04 it will decrease if you upgrade to higher plans.

Then try to rent as much as you can and also upgrade your membership to get more renting referral benefits.

Paid to Promote Program

This is also a new way to earn money. It is also known as Paid to Promote you need to promote your referral link.

If it has a good volume of traffic then you can earn from CPM. If someone has signed up under your link then it will give a high CPM rate.

So try to promote more and more to get good CPM rates.

The ‘Earn More’ Strategies

This is another source of earnings. In this section, you will have Grid, Flip the Coin, CPX Research, Wannads, and Skippy Ads. You may try each one to increase your earnings.

But all these things will not give you high earnings. You need to make some strategies to increase your earning potential.

All the above points have described the sites. You may try each one to know the best one. But the most effective one is PTSU and Renting Referral.

There may be some questions may ask I have listed some points below!

Traffic Exchange

This is another way of earning some points. You will get points for watching ads


It is another way of earning money from Scarlet Click. You will have 10 attempts to click on the grid.

If you are lucky then you may have won some extra prize.

How much can you earn with Scarlet Clicks?

It depends on your strategy. If you work well then it can give you a good amount of money.

But you have to be patient. Because working in PTC sites needs patience and time.

Scarlet Click review

Below is the screenshot of my withdrawal history!

Scarlet Click - Withdrawal

So, you cannot earn a good amount. But as pocket money, you can join this site. If you want to start your online journey.


Can you earn good money from Scarlet Click?

Yes, you can earn money but it is not worth working on it.

Is Scarlet Clicks real or fake?

It is not fake. It is real and still exists on the internet.

Are Scarlet Clicks legit?

Yes, it is legit and paying since 2009. These are the most trusted and reliable sites.


This is best for your side hustle. This will not disturb your present work. You only need to give 10 minutes every day.

The earning potential is very slow you need to invest to gain membership. But still, if you follow some other method it will take time.

But the site is legit. So, you can work on it if you have that much patience.

You can also try some other sites along with working with this one to make another source of income.

If you don’t have any extra skills then you can start to work on them. It will give some motivation to your online journey.






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