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Swagbucks: Best Sites To Make Cash Online

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Swagbucks is a very popular site for reward programs, people can earn points in the form of SB.

Swagbucks is an online survey site. They also offer cash and other rewards for answering surveys.

It is a great way to make money and get free stuff. In my opinion, it is one of the best side hustle to work on it. You only need to give a few minutes.

There are many ways to make money online, but the most popular way to make money is by completing surveys.

You can earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more.

You can redeem your points for prizes like gift cards, cash, and electronics or donate them to charity.

It was founded in the year 2004 and is located in El Segundo, California.

This is one of the oldest survey sites and still it exists in online business.

So, let’s start your online journey with this wonderful site and start making money online.

I have given the details on how the sites work and what is the procedure to earn money from this legitimate site.

How to Register in Swagbucks

This is very easy to do open the Swagbucks website enter your email address and password and click on Sign up.

Then check your email for confirmation and then click to activate your account.

Swagbucks - Sign Up Page

Once sign up completed login to your account and start completing the task. There are many tasks to complete.


Swagbucks Surveys

What is Swagbucks Online Survey

Though these are the survey sites, the survey is available every day. You need to log in to your account and check the availability.

The best thing about this site is if you are disqualified from the Gold Survey still you will get the points.

For example, if any survey offers 150 SB and you have given only 1 answer. And, if you get disqualified from it.

Still, you will be getting 2 or 3 SB. Again, if you have given 4 or 5 answers and you get disqualified then you may get 20 to 25 SB.

Swagbucks - Online Surveys

This is the benefit of this site you will get points if you cannot complete your survey. Here is SB means cent for example 100 SB equals to $1.

It also has many different parts of earning ways. Like, as surveys, games, quizzes, installing an app, etc. You will get the points as per your completion of the task.

Easy earning from Daily Poll

You can earn 1SB by giving the answer to the poll which will come daily basis. So you can make 1SB for giving the answer to the question.

The question would be very simple with multiple options. You have to choose one which suits best for you.


In this section, there are many offers available you can choose from and start earning in SB. Offers are like installing an app, Surveys, games, Signups, and many more. 

You can earn more than 25000SB depending upon the length of the task and its credibility.


This is another part of earning SB but it is a little different from the above. You have to invest some SB to earn SB it is like a Giveaway.

There is an entry that costs 2SB for 1 entry and 6SB for 3 entries. If you need 500 entries then you have to invest 1000SB but you can able to win 25000SB.

The winner will be notified via email and have to verify the prize within 7 days. So this is a good way to earn in a short period of time.

But there will be chances of getting a loss of what you have already earned. This is risky but if you are ready to take the challenge then go ahead as the reward is also very high.

Search and Earn

This works like search engines. You can earn by searching any keywords in their search engine. The rewards may vary on the searches on a daily basis.

Even, members can earn more if they make Swagbucks their search engine.

This is also one of the best parts to earn SB. This feature is not available on many GPT sites, so it has a high potential of earning in a daily routine.

Benefits of Adding Swagbutton in your Browser

This is another excellent process to earn more by adding a swag button to your Desktop or Laptop you will get 25SB.

If you refer other people to add this extension in their browsers.

Then you will be getting 100SB for adding this extension. 

Once your referrer added Swagbutton on their browser.

Swagbucks - Add Swagbutton

100SB will be credited between 8 to 10 days in your account if they have not removed this extension to date. So, try to refer more people to add this extension.


What is the advantage of joining Swagbucks on Facebook?

Facebook is a very popular social media platform. It is the 3rd most popular website in the world. Also, it has more than 25 billion monthly visitors.

So, joining a Swagbucks Facebook can become more advantageous to connect with other people.

You can promote the Swagbucks referral links to get more referrers.

Also, if you have any doubts or questions you can post in the group to get the answer. Social media is always been an advantage for making money online.

What is the advantage of joining Swagbucks on Reddit?

Reddit is also one of the most popular social media sites. It ranks 20th in the world and has more than 1.5 billion monthly visitors.

There is a community where you can ask any question. You can also share your referral link to increase your earnings.

You may find the Swagbucks Reddit community. Where people share their thoughts and ideas.

You can also say Reddit Swagbucks when you are trying to build your community on various platforms.

More earnings through Swagbucks Sign Up Code

Swagbucks codes are another way of earning some cash.

You may get a Swagbucks sign-up code to get some extra cash.

Codes may depend on availability. Sometimes you may get 25 SB or 30 SB.

Refer and Earn

This is the best part of this site their referring programs are awesome. For each new person refer to Swagbucks.

You will get 10% earnings to whom you have referred for the rest of your life.

It also includes all their earnings, whether it has come from Daily polls, Surveys, Coupons, tasks, or Activities.

You will continue to earn 10% for as long as your referral is active on Swagbucks, with no limit.

Another thing is you can also able to earn 300SB extra when your referrer earns 300SB for their first 30 days.

If anyone joins under your referral on 10 November and continues to work till 10 December.

Between these times if they earn 300SB same amount will be credited to your balance. This is a win-win situation because you both will get the benefit.

Mobile Apps

You can install their app and start using it from your mobile phone. This looks very cool and easy if somebody doesn’t have a desktop or laptop. 

Swagbucks - Mobile Apps

They can still use this site through their mobile phone and can start earning.

Daily Bonuses

Once you complete your goals you will be eligible to get daily bonuses.

For example, your first goal is to earn 40SB. Once you have achieved this goal you can earn 4SB as your daily bonus.

It can also be divided into two parts first goal and the second goal. Once you have completed your first goal.

Then you can move ahead and try to achieve your second goal to receive more bonuses.

There is also called Streak Bonus once you have completed your 7 days streak you will get a 25SB bonus.

So, keep trying to earn more and more the chances of your bonus will become higher.

Redeem SB

You can redeem your reward with Gift Cards, and vouchers through Amazon and Flipkart. You can also cash out your reward through PayPal and Payoneer.

Swagbucks - Redeem SB

There is another section of Charity and Donations for good causes.

You can Donate your 5SB to Unicef. Others like The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Direct Relief, The Humane Society, etc.

How to Redeem from Payoneer

Once you reach the payment threshold. You need to click on Redeem SB. Then you will redirect to the withdraw page. Click on Claim a Gift Card.

Swagbucks - Redeem from Payoneer

You will get an email for confirmation. Confirm it and you will get your payment within 2-3 business working days.

How to Redeem from Paypal

This also works the same as for Payoneer. Go to the withdraw page and click on Claim a Gift Card.

Swagbucks - Redeem from PayPal

Swagbucks Reviews

There is no doubt that Swagbucks has a very good rating. This is the best site for beginners who have started their online journey.

There are various ways to earn cash and gift cards. But, you should join some other websites to increase your earnings.

Swagbucks - Trustpilot Review

Source: Trustpilot


Should you rely only on Swagbucks

No, you can only earn some pocket money. You cannot earn like a full-time job. You have to look other online platform if you want to earn more.

Does Swagbucks worth it

The best thing you can do as a side hustle. Earning $50 to $100 by giving only 20 minutes is not a bad deal. 

Are Swagbucks Legit

Yes, it is legit and paying its members since 2004.

Final Thoughts

If you have enough time then you can use this website to earn some extra money as the site is legit and pays its user.

This is one of the best sites to earn rewards and you can redeem your rewards into cash or gift cards and vouchers. It also depends on the time that you are wiling to give to the site.

This is the only site where you will be paying for not completing the survey.

I am talking about only the “Gold Survey”. But you can also collaborate with a different website that is available on the internet.

I hope this article helps you to understand the features of the site.

So, you can join the site with the link below and start making extra pocket cash.

You can comment below and share your thoughts and experiences on Swagbucks.




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