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5 Best Transcription Sites To Work Online

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Transcription sites are another best source to make money online. But you have to know about the details of transcription.

Becoming a transcriptionist is not an easy task. You should have a good command of English.

Your work is to convert video or audio into text. So, you have to understand every word.

You may have an audio of a 1 – 3 minute conversation. You need to convert this audio into text. Before joining any sites you have to give an assessment test.

It is mandatory and if you passed then you will get the project and you can start your earning.

The pay rates are depending on the sites that you are working with.

Now, the main points are you comfortable with working as a transcriptionist? Because you have to be very good at the English language.

This also requires an assessment test before joining any sites. But if you think that you can able to do this kind of freelancing work. Then this is also the best work-from-home you can do it.

There are many people who are earning $800 to $1000 per month by doing this transcription work.

Even, there are many small companies that hired transcriptionists. So, it has a good career as a freelancer and a full-time employee.

Transcription is one of the best ways to make money online. There are many people becoming transcriptionists because it has plenty of an opportunity.

But most people love to become freelance transcription. The pay rates are always high compared to full-time employees.

After Covid-19 the number of internet users has increased every day.

So, it creates an awareness of many opportunities that are not known before. I started my online journey in 2018.

So, for the past three years, I have become more active. It also provides me with lots of knowledge about digital marketing.

I have mentioned the 5 best transcription sites that you can join and start your online journey.

What are Transcription Jobs?

This job involves listening to audio for about certain minutes. And, converting them into written documents.

This completely depends on the command of the language.

So, there are many works available in transcription sites. But you need to find it out.

If you are a skilled person and have the patience to listen to audio. That can be more convenient to convert into text.

List of the Best Transcription Sites?

1. Rev

Rev is the topmost and best freelance Transcription Service Company in the world.

You will get different categories of work. Like Transcriptions, Captions, and Subtitles.

You can join this company from anywhere around the world. You need a laptop/desktop with an internet connection.

The pay rates may range in different categories. As a transcriptionist, you will get $1.25 per minute to convert any audio or video into text.

Transcription Sites - Rev

As Captions, you will get $1.25 per minute for captioning any videos.

You will also get $3 -$7 per minute for translating any video with foreign subtitles.

The above pay rates are one of the best rates provided by any company. You can imagine how much you are going to get if you work here.

2. Scribie

Scribie is also one of the best transcription sites. The pay rates are starting from $0.10 – $0.80 per minute.

Before joining you have to give some tests once you have passed you can start your work.

This can be the best option if you join other sites along with this site.

Transcription Sites - Scribie

Earning potential also depends on your work if you work well the pay rates may increase.

3. TranscribeMe

It has a good and trusted partner. So, TranscribMe can also be the best option to join as a transcriptionist.

You will get a short 2 – 4 minute clip to transcribe.

There is plenty of work on this website. You don’t need to worry about the shortage of work.

Transcribe Me - Transcription Sites

You can also grow your skill by joining this site. It will increase your pay rates once you become an expert and have a good experience.

The pay rate has the best industry rates and it may vary from $15 – $22 per audio hour.

4. GoTranscript

You will get $0.77 per minute as a transcription. There are other pay rates in different categories.

So, it can be another option to join as a transcriptionist.

The company started in the year 2006 in Edinburg, Scotland. It has a good reputation in the market.

Go Transcript - Transcription Sites

It is also the oldest transcription company. It has many transcription groups you may fit with any group according to your specialty.

5. QuickTate

The company has founded in the year 2008. It also has some categories like call transcription and calls auditing.

It transcribes voice messages, memos, legal files, letters, medical files, and audio files.

QuickTate - Transcription Sites

Earning completely depends on your work. The parent organization is iDictate. So you may get lots of work.

I have also mentioned some of the basic questions may ask as a transcriptionist!

Can you make good money as a transcriptionist?

Yes, you will get good and high pay rates. This is also the best way to do freelancing and earn through online.

Where you can make good money as a transcriptionist.

So, joining transcription sites is a good way to earn money. If you have plenty of time apart from your full-time job.

Then transcription sites are the best source to generate some income.


Which transcription sites is the best

Above above-listed transcription sites are some of the best sites to work.

Are transcription sites still in demand?

There is doubt about medical transcription. Which has less popularity in the current situation.

Can I join more than one transcription sites?

Yes, it will give you more earning opportunities.

How much money can a transcriber make?

On average between $700 – $1000, you can make as a transcriber. Even you can able to make more than that if you work a little harder.

Is transcription a dying field?

I don’t think that it is a dying field. Today, the world is going digital and this kind of work may always be available on the Internet. It has a good future with better opportunities.

How much does a beginner transcriptionist make?

If you are a beginner you can make $500 per month. But you can make more if you are able to give more time.

If you can join more than one website then it would make more than $1000 per month.


Transcription sites work best for a person who has good communication skills.

If you are not good at communication then you don’t need to worry about it.

There are many options available on the Internet. You may choose any one which you think can be the best choice for you. Nowadays, making money online is not so tough.

Because there are many sources available on the internet. But transcription sites are also the best way to earn online.

You may watch many YouTube videos related to making money online. But one thing you have to keep in mind. If you want to succeed then it needs time and patience.

If you choose the right direction you can build your online business.

So, focus on your learning and develop some good skills.





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