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RankMath Review: Best SEO Tool To Rank On Google

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RankMath - Best SEO tool to rank your website on 1st Page

RankMath is one of the best and most popular SEO plugins in WordPress.

If you are looking to do an SEO. Then you can go with RankMath.

It is very important to have this kind of tool to improve your SEO performance.

This SEO plugin is good in every aspect. Well, I have two websites including this one. And, I am using RankMath for both of them.

I am pretty happy by using RankMath which shows many ways to improve my SEO.

SEO is a very critical and important aspect of your website’s success.

If you want your website to perform well. Then make sure you have an SEO plugin like RankMath.

I can also say that RankMath will be your SEO friend forever.

RankMath is a tool that can improve your content. Also, it optimizes your On-Page SEO so that you can do good on the search engine result page.

This is the only tool where you can completely trust for all your On-page SEO.

What is RankMath?

RankMath is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress.

It has many features to help you optimize your website’s content. And improve your search engine rankings.

RankMath SEO Made Easy

This plugin is very accessible to all kinds of people. Whether you are a beginner or an expert. You will not have any difficulties while using this plugin.



Features of RankMath

It provides many features. This helps you to improve your website’s SEO. Below are some of the key features that the plugin offers:

1. On-Page Optimization 

RankMath’s on-page optimization feature helps you. To optimize your website’s content for better SEO performance.

The plugin analyzes your content and provides suggestions on how to improve it.

You will get many things to do. Like, Meta title, Url, Focus Keywords, Keyword Density, and many more.

Features of RankMath

You will get all the benefits as a free user from this amazing plugin. This will show how you should optimize your content to get better results.

2. Keyword Analysis

This keyword analysis feature helps you. To identify the most relevant keywords for your website.

The plugin shows you. The search volume, keyword difficulty, and competition level for each keyword.

This helps you choose the best keywords to target in your SEO efforts.

3. Schema Markup 

This schema markup feature allows you to add structured data to your website.

This helps search engines better understand your content. And display it in rich snippets on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Features of RankMath

4. Site Audit 

A site audit is another feature that helps you to identify technical issues. That could be hurting your website’s SEO performance.

This plugin provides a detailed report on the issues that need to be solved as soon as possible.

Features of RankMath

5. Redirections 

The redirections feature helps you to manage 301 and 302 redirects.

This helps you redirect traffic from old pages to new pages and avoid 404 errors.

This is very important for you. If you don’t want to lose your traffic.

RankMath Pricing

It is a free SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin is one of the best SEO plugins to use.

You will get many things on their free version.

But, they also have a premium version. But this makes a very cheap SEO tool to buy and use the premium one.

This makes this tool an excellent option for users.

Who wants to improve their website’s SEO without spending a lot of money?

Below are the details of RankMath Pricing:

RankMath Pricing

RankMath Pricing


How To Use RankMath?

To use this tool, you need to install the plugin on your WordPress website.

Once you have installed the plugin, you can start using it to improve your website’s SEO.

This tool has very good and easy navigation. You will not get any issues while using these amazing tools.

Rankmath SEO Analyzer

It is also the best thing about these tools. You can use these features without investing any money.

This tool is completely free to use.

RankMath SEO Analyzer

Put your content link and check your SEO score. If you have a good score then you are on the track.

If the score is low you can work on the content and other things to get a good score.

That helps you to rank on Search Engine Result Pages.

RankMath SEO Analyzer

Yoast vs RankMath

Yoast and RankMath are two of the most popular WordPress plugins. You can use these tools for SEO optimization.

Both plugins are very useful to help website owners.

To improve their website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

By optimizing content, meta descriptions, titles, and more.

Although both plugins share many similar features.

But there are also some significant differences that set them apart from each other.

We will discuss some features. And, how these plugin is going to help you to win in the SEO race.

User Interface

Yoast has a simple interface, making it easy for beginners to use.

The plugin has a dashboard that provides a clear overview of the website’s SEO status.

Including content optimization and readability analysis.

The interface includes a traffic light system. That indicates the status of your SEO optimization.

It helps you to identify which areas need improvement.

The content analysis feature is easy to understand. And provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize your content.

Rank Math also has an interface, and its setup wizard makes it easy for users to configure the plugin.

This plugin also has a dashboard. That provides a detailed overview of the website’s SEO status.

Including a ranking tracker and site audit tool.

The content analysis feature is more advanced than Yoast.

It provides more in-depth recommendations on how to improve your content.

Winner: Tie. Both plugins have interfaces that are easy to navigate.


Both Yoast and RankMath offer many similar features.

Such as content analysis, title and meta descriptions optimization, and XML sitemap creation.

But, RankMath provides more advanced features.

Such as internal linking suggestions, schema markup, and redirection management.

Yoast content analysis feature is basic compared to RankMath. But, Yoast offers advanced features.

Such as redirect management and automatic canonical URL settings. Which are not available in Rank Math.

Yoast also offers integrations with other plugins.

Such as WooCommerce and Google Analytics, making them excellent choices for eCommerce websites.

Winner: RankMath provides more advanced features. Making it a better option for advanced users and beginners as well


Both Yoast and RankMath have a negligible impact on website performance.

But, Yoast’s larger user base and long history mean. It is more optimized and well-tested than Rank Math.

Winner: Yoast’s longer history and larger user base. Make it more optimized and well-tested.


Both Yoast and RankMath offer free and paid versions.

The Yoast premium version costs $89 per year for a single website.

While the RankMath premium version costs $59 per year for unlimited websites.

Winner: The RankMath free version provides more features than the Yoast free version. Making it a better value for money.

RankMath Review

Well, I am using RankMath for my two websites inducing this one. And, I can say that this is phenomenal.

You are getting everything on their free version.

I can optimize my content more and the features are amazing of RankMath.

They provide more solutions to improve your content in-depth SEO.

Let me tell you, I have used Yoast. That is also good to use.

But sometimes I cannot go beyond to explore more accessibility.

But when I switch to RankMath. It is outstanding for me. Their interface is very easy to understand.

And has more flexibility and advanced features than Yoast.

This is my personal opinion on RankMath. But it depends on person to person and their choice.

But, At this moment I am happy to use RankMath. I will buy their premium plan to get more features.

RankMath as a Cheap SEO Tool

Rank Math is often considered a cheap SEO tool.

This is the reason why it is an attractive option for website owners and bloggers.

So, if you are looking for the best and cheap SEO tools to enhance your online presence.

Then RankMath can be the best choice whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The plugin is available in both free and Pro versions.

With the latter offering additional advanced features at a reasonable price point.

The Pro version of Rank Math includes features like advanced Schema support, rank tracking, and an ad-free experience.

So, taking it as a cheap SEO tool Rank Math Pro is particularly appealing to small businesses, startups, and individual website owners.

Who may not have the financial resources to invest in more expensive SEO tools.

The plugin’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features make it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

While some premium SEO tools can be expensive.

Rank Math Pro provides a competitive alternative without compromising on functionality.

It’s important for users to assess their specific SEO needs, budget constraints, and the features offered by Rank Math Pro.

To determine if they align with their goals and provide value for their investment in optimizing their online presence.


Is Rank Math good for SEO?

It is the best SEO tool now. Also, the best alternative to Yoast. You can do many tasks.

Like On-Page Optimization, Content Analysis, Rich Snippet, and many more.

It is not only good but the best SEO plugin you may find in WordPress.

Is Rank Math better than Yoast?

RankMath premium plan is much lower than Yoast.

But you will get many features of RankMath for free.

All the free features of RankMath are available in the premium plan in Yoast.

It also depends on your choice and navigation I found RankMath is better to have in my SEO tool list.

Is Rank Math SEO free?

Yes, many of the features of RankMath are free to use. You need to install the plugin in WordPress and start using it.

You will get many features for free in RankMath. So, it becomes more convenient to have an in-bucket while using it.

Is Rank Math Pro worth it?

Whether Rank Math Pro is worth it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Rank Math, both the free and Pro versions is a WordPress SEO plugin designed to optimize your website’s search engine performance.

The Pro version offers additional features such as advanced Schema support, rank tracking, and an ad-free experience.

If you’re running a complex website with a focus on detailed SEO strategies.

The Pro version might be a valuable investment. However, if you have simpler SEO requirements.

The free version of Rank Math might suffice. Consider factors such as your budget.

The scale of your website, and the specific features you require before deciding if Rank Math Pro is worth it for you or not.

Final Words

If you want to improve your organic traffic. Then RankMath is the best choice for you to use.

And increase your chances of getting visible on search engine result pages.

One of its important benefits is its user-friendly interface.

Which makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. 

It has many different options to optimize your content and give you better results.

You can also check their SEO analyzer tool to find out the issue of your content.

This is the reason why the RankMath SEO tool is preferred by many people. And, I personally like this one a lot.

If you are using this plugin. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to know about your experience!






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